LAAD has been created to provide all DADS with a brand that represents who we are: proud, hardworking DADS, who play the role and love every minute.

As FATHERS, we play an extremely important role: to be awesome, all the time!

Through the eyes of our children, we see a future full of excitement and adventure, but through our experience, we know diapers, depleting bank accounts, sleepless nights and constant cleaning.  Yet, we continue to work towards the end goal: be the HERO your child(ren) need and you've always wanted to be.

LAAD is a lifestyle brand, a sense of community, where FATHERS can learn based on experience, where DADS can wear a brand of clothing that resonates with their sense of style and reality...where being a DAD is cool!

Life As A DAD is for every DAD.  Whether you're about to become a proud PAPA or are DAD to many, the one thing we all have in common is the life we now live.  

So, turn on the game, grab a drink and take your spot on the deserve it, DADDY!

Life As A Dad (LAAD), Inc
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