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Vacationing with toddlers...and everyone else

2 months before:
Me: "baby, I was up all night and finally got us a great waiting until 3am, I was able to save us $50/ticket!"
Wife: "zzzzzzzzzzzz"

1 month before: 
Wife: "we should really take out the suitcases and start packing, especially the kids' clothes"
Me: "no problem, sweetheart, I'll get on that after the game..."

2 weeks before:
Wife: "I've started taking the clothes out for the kids, and even mine.  Can you please get the suitcases, so I can start packing?"
Me: "no problem, sweetheart, I'll get on that after the game..."

Night before:
Me: "why didn't you just ask me earlier, I would've gotten them right need to be so demanding! Vacations are supposed to be fun, you know..."

Once we got the logistics handled, and were in the air, now the Wife and I were more concerned about whether this was actually going to be a vacation: 2 seniors (my parents), 4 adults (Wife, me, sister, bro in law), 4 kids, all girls: (her 2: 8 and 6, and mine: 2 and 7 months)

Yes, it was hectic and dinner was NOT peaceful at all.  Yes, there were a lot of cooks in the kitchen so making decisions wasn't easy.  Yes, the kids did not want to sleep and wanted to jump all over my bed all night. Yes, I put on 3 lbs thanks to the buffet (but my Wife actually lost weight :)).  Yes, people thought all 4 girls were mine and were lining up to feed me shots of tequila.

But, at the end of the day, it's all perspective.  We had an incredible time:

Booked direct flights from Toronto, so travel was easy and quick, and Mexico worked well for my sister's family too, coming in from Dallas, TX. The weather was gorgeous; not a cloud in the sky, and 2 weeks later, I'm still peeling.

Once you come to terms with the fact that if you remove the kids from the beach or pool for anything, then they will hate you. So, you either let it bother you, or do what I did: "girls, let's go, NOW, or, say bye bye to Mexico (and have a suitcase packed in the room ready to go to show them you're not bluffing) - yes, I know #dadoftheyear The girls loved meal time after that!

Would I do it again: ABSOLUTELY.  Being able to travel with your kids is incredible.  If only we were able to see it from their eyes, especially my 7 month old, who's still so fresh to the world and is trying to take in all the sights and sounds.  We're fortunate, we've flown a lot with the kids, so, for the most part, the diaper changes, spit up, lost toys, and occasional tantrums, is all too familiar to us - so, we don't let it phase us. Sound cancelling headphones and in-flight entertainment...I did also say we brought my parents: "Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa...I think they want to sit with you"

Don't be afraid to take the kids...remember, the longer you wait for the perfect time to travel, the less time you'll have for travel later...Best tip is to get the little ones as excited as you: my 2 year old came shopping with us, picked out her sunglasses and bathing suit...this way, she was excited to show off everything and tell her story to the world, and we got to sit back, sip a mojito (virgin, of course) and enjoy the sun.


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