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Give back...any way, any how...let's make a difference

With everything going on in this world, from poverty to terrorism, disease to racism, there's a massive opportunity for people like us to step in and help out. And more than just us helping, it presents a great opportunity to get our kids involved.

Whether you take your kids to charitable events, or walk them down the streets and hand out sandwiches, the key is to expose them early and often. In doing this, they'll amaze you with their appreciation for the little things and how concerned they'll quickly become with the world's problems and how they can help make it all better.

It's their innocence and simplistic view that we should all observe and practice.  Funny enough, Ellen was on the People's Choice Awards and had received the Humanitarian of the Year award, and her main message was that people have been put on this earth to help and love one another. Kids get this, but as we get older and create impressions of people based on appearance and based on affiliation (religious, political, etc), we stop loving and helping and start judging and hating.

I post about this because Canada has opened its doors to 25,000 Syrian Refugees in 2016. And as part of this initiative, the government is encouraging everyday Canadians to help out. I, along with support of friends and family, hosted a toy and clothing drive on December 12, 2015 ( ( and now, 7 friends and I are sponsoring a family to come into Canada. This initiative requires $27,000 Canadian Dollars and as part of my contribution, a portion of the proceeds from all LAAD sales will be donated directly to this cause.

We do this because we care and because we want our children to understand the value of lending our hands to those in need. We do this because we are helping not just a family, but potentially generations of people, as once they establish their roots in Canada, their future generations will remain and continue to contribute to our society. So, I encourage you to help out in any way you can. If you'd like to support this initiative, please donate directly using the #families4hope ( or buy some LAAD and rest assure, I'll contribute on your behalf. And if you don't want to support this, please do your part and pay it forward. Whatever it takes, remember that the only way to ensure a safe and desirable world for our children is to teach them tolerance, love and appreciation. The more you can do and help, the brighter their futures will be, as they'll grow with the necessary values to help make the world a better place.


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