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The Schedule...

Are you a stickler with your kid(s) schedule(s)? You're not alone! It didn't really occur to me until this past weekend when I went out to a friends daughters first birthday and the party started at 1:30pm and ended at 4:30pm. The drive was about 45 minutes from my house to the playhouse, so I figured the girls would sleep on way in: wrong!

4:30pm rolled around pretty quickly, but the kids didn't seem like there was any quit in them.  Although exhausted, Ruqaiya (older one: 3.5 years) was running like she committed a crime and had the police on her tail. And Yasmin (14 months) was running from one person to the next, like everyone had lactating boobs ready to feed her.

Normally, I'd be like, let's leave - it's been 3 hours, we have a 45 minute drive home, and I want coffee.  Not this time...this time, I sat and while watching the kids in amazement, realized that if I was to leave now, the kids would sleep in the car, and although that means a peaceful drive and conversation with the wife, that would also mean that the kids won't sleep for the night until midnight.

So what did we do? We found out what time the playhouse closed on the day we were there (8pm), and at 6pm, decided to order in some dinner. Some would say: "it's not a good idea to keep your kids up through their nap, intentionally" them, I say, "my kid slept from 8pm to 9am and I snored like a champ"


Teach me how to Daddy (not Dougie)

A compilation of what I believe are some of the best YouTube video's on DAD's doing what they do...and doing it well!
The ultimate DAD anthem..."It's the DAD Life"
"I'm a DADDY and I know it (I'm Sexy and I know it)"
Getting out for a minute!
Daddy + Dove Men Care
Anything for golf
How much time do you have?

 These videos pretty much sum up what FATHERHOOD means to me, being a son and a DAD, you really learn to appreciate what your DAD did and continues to do for you, and how you want to be viewed as a DAD from the eyes of your kids...Teach me how to Daddy...but for fun, let's learn how to Dougie, too!





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