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Strollers...the hottest accessory for DADS

You would think the stroller was more important to MOM because she'll be with the kids more (especially when on Maternity leave)...but nowadays, it's quite the opposite.

Personally, the choice of stroller from a DADS perspective is not just a function of what's the best value, but also, what looks good, handles well, something we can be out in a mall with and not look confused, and something that's functional.

More than transporting kids, you'll quickly learn that the stroller is often used more for storage: shopping, groceries, baby bags, back packs, etc..."sweety, why don't walk're a big girl..." LOL!

My recommendation: Baby Jogger City Select Double:

You can't beat a stroller that has 16 configurations and enables the kids to look at each other, away from one another, lie perfectly flat, etc..they don't come cheap: nicely equipped for around $800 USD, but are worth every penny.

I've been asked a lot lately, about strollers and insight, so even though I'm not comparing every double stroller out there, the only other 2 I would consider, but wouldn't buy are the Uppa Baby Vista ( or the Britax (

Also, if you're expecting your first, and have thoughts (or not) of having more, the City Select still works - it's a Single Stroller first, that can be expanded into double when the need arises.

The one downside, is City Select doesn't make car seats, so you'll have to buy the infant car seat you want (I used the Britax B-Safe: and bough the adapter for the stroller:

Hopefully this helps! Strollers are the second best accessory for DADS...our kiddos are always going to be the ultimate accessory :)


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